Monday, September 17, 2007

I'm Getting a "BlogRush"

My excuse for going to the computer is often that I'm going to read "my news", which is a great way to rationalize my need to browse a hundred feeds a day. I like to contribute my own blogs on fascinating topics and books I am reading. In an effort to increase those people whom might stumble across my blog, I've added the "BlogRush" widget to my page. It is a scheme to provide a kind of automated blogroll on your page for people who might blog in the same category as you. It has a pyramid scheme feel to it, but know money involved, at least at the free level. It also has a built in stats page.

Of course, the problem with lowly blogs is that you don't want to write without a readership, but must write to gain a readership.

I guess that means I should write about my plan to save the world.... tomorrow.

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