Monday, July 21, 2008

A Short Guide to Memorizing Music

1. Read the Music
  • Look at the key signature and time signature
  • Look for sections that repeat

2. Find patterns

  • Many phrases are often 4 bars
  • Can you find phrases that repeat?

3. Listen to the song, if possible

  • Read the music while you listen

4. Break the song into smaller parts(phrases)

  • Notice, you have not even played your instrument yet

5. Practice each phrase slowly and carefully

  • Striving towards perfect practice is good
  • Any mistakes made in the beginning will only have to be corrected later

6. Memorize each phrase

  • Use thoughtful, disciplined practice
  • Ask your self, "Where is this phrase going?"

7. Put the phrases all together

  • Do this one piece at a time
  • Sometimes it is helpful to move from the end back toward the beginning

8. Practice the song all together

  • Gradually increase the tempo

9. Pretend you are on stage and play your song

  • Where did you make mistakes?
  • Go back and work on these areas first

10. Perfect and play a real concert!

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