Monday, September 22, 2008

Waking Up

The vein that pulses silently feeds the world an addictive electric charge; a lesson in desensitization by shock treatment. We hardly notice its effect until one moment, it's gone...

Wind is often the reason we must wake up to electricity's addictive qualities. The world even seems to slow down, as if our frantic pace really does stem from and addiction to electricity. And though we often talk of breaking our addiction to oil, we neglect our addiction to electricity at our own peril. I don't think we would care where our electricity came from, as long as it ran steadily and uninterrupted, as a good buzz must.

Though transportation, usually by gas guzzling car, is simply a kind of oil-burned-to-create-motion equation, it too relies on electricity to make its insane pace work. Without our electric lights, traffic lights, and lighted destinations the appeal of the car and its offerings loses its shine.

Instead, we walk around to talk to our neighbors. We sit out side of our house and bask in natural light. We feel relief that our pace slows down. Slows...down. We realize the lovely power of conversation.

Converse... converse with yourself, your spouse. Make an attempt to feel what it's like to live in control... control of your time, your movement, your thoughts. Get over the feeling of discomfort an electric free world brings and imagine a different world where you can tune into your life. You can sleep when it is dark, eat when you are hungry, talk when you feel like, work when it is necessary. You are not bound to the insanity of electricity.

You are free.

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