Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Music Teacher - Sample Template Welcome Letter for Your Music Students

Use this template welcome letter to welcome your music students to private music lessons. You can customize this letter for any student playing any instrument. It is provided for use by music teachers or music instructors. Copy and paste this letter into any word processor and customize.

Download the Template Music Student Welcome Letter


Dear StudentFirst StudentLast,

    I want to bring success to all students that I teach.  Part of the process of learning any instrument is to set goals of what you want to achieve. With that in mind, I would like you to write out one goal to accomplish over the next 6 weeks for playing the instrument (ex. Learn 5 chords, learn 5 melodies, etc.).

     It is also incredibly important to practice (not simply play) the instrument nearly every day.I suggest you start with 5 days a week, including your lesson day. Start at 10-15 minutes a day. Keep in mind your other commitments. If you know you have two different practices or regular appointments on Thursday, take that day off.  I highly suggest practicing the day after your lesson, as this will help enter what we do in lessons into your long-term memory. Keep your practice schedule; building good practice habits from the beginning ensures long-term success.
(ex. 7-7:30am)

    It is also important to find an accessible "practice spot". If you can leave your instrument out on a stand, with your music book out, you will be much more likely to practice than if you hide your away. Find a consistent spot to practice and you increase your chances for success!

Name your practice spot____________________________________________
     It is also important to keep a few key points in mind as you go home from lessons each week. Most importantly:
  • Start slowly
  • Break a song up into smaller pieces
  • Write down questions as you go
  • Start slowly

    As your teacher, I want you to know that I appreciate questions. You can call me at phone or email me atemail with any questions you may have during the week. You can also let me know this way if you will not be able to make a lesson.
Have fun and work hard!

Teacher Name
Teacher Title
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