Saturday, February 28, 2015

Buying a Beginning Guitar for Your Child

There are a few things to think about when you're buying a guitar for your child. I've taught guitar for over 12 years and seen some children be much more successful than others at playing the guitar.

I like to make sure younger beginners have a smaller guitar. How old is your daughter or son?

You also have to consider whether you want an electric or acoustic guitar. I recommend to buy whatever you think will most motivate your son or daughter to play.

I'm sure there are many decent options out there, but the ones I have had success with in the past are Gibson Maestro guitars.

The acoustic comes in 41" and 38" and I would recommend the smaller black 38" acoustic guitar or the natural finish.

There is also an electric guitar in either white or black.

Of course, these are fairly inexpensive options. You will be able to buy a better guitar at higher prices. But that may better in the future.

It can be nice to get a fold-up music stand, too, so she or he has a space to put her music when she practices.

Once you have a guitar, the key is set-up guitar lessons so your son or daughter can learn a structured way to practice. Paying for the lessons will help both you and your child to keep a regular schedule. It is well worth the time and effort.

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